Our Story

The David Eves Band took root with David Eves and Phil McKenzie. The duo joined forces and styles a few years back in 2012 and have been evolving their unique sound since. David took his collection of original tunes (folk, funk, jazz, blues) dating way back and the two started harmonizing guitars and arranging together. David’s sister, Rachelle (backing vocals), joined the project to make a trio in 2013. About a year later Bertrand Cyr (drums), Romolo Finelli (sound man extraordinaire, electric bass), Marcel Belanger (acoustic bass, electric bass) and Mark Pinkus (piano) all added their sounds and influences to the mix. The product of that fusion of artists was recently released in January on our first album – The David Eves Band - “Somehow” (2015). 

Since then we have been playing the album at venues in Montreal and Eastern Ontario. A new project is now in the works with many compositions that have world music influences. David's time spent in India seems to be permeating the new tunes and it is taking the band in exciting new directions (new world funk). Phil's new compositions are also creating a subtle morph in our sound. His country and blues influences have a slow sultry vibe. New band member, Mary Cowan, is also bringing a distinctive element with her jazz piano.   

David’s lyrics and music are creative and innovative. Please have a listen and sign up to our mailing list! We would love to hear from you!